Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Fresh Starts and New Beginnings featuring Julia Prater

     Greetings and a very Happy New Year!  I am a very behind the scenes participant in the Writers Online Network.  And at almost any convention I can be found skulking around the writers track.  Authors are a fascinating breed of people.  I love to be around them and bask in their presence.   And while I love the idea of writing, I love reading more. 

     I'm always excited when January first comes around because it gives the perfect opportunity to take stock and plan ahead.  I love the feeling of a clean slate, a new beginning.  True this can be done at any point in time but the date itself is so auspicious.  My favorite thing to plan is my reading list.  At least the shorter "immediate attention" list.  I have an innumerable running list that is hundreds of books long.  When I find a new author I love I try to read everything they have, which can be a bit daunting, hence the ever growing list.  But discovering new authors and stories is so very exciting. And there is the ever exciting new releases from favorite authors that add themselves slowly but surely to my shelves.  There just isn't enough time in the day.

     I do very well with challenges, especially when connecting, and competing, with others who are doing the same.  Wt and I have compiled a list of 75 categories for our challenge.  (Which I believe is going to be posted soon on the Writers Online Network website.)  I myself have challenged myself to read 125 books in 2015.  Hoping that by the end of the year I can have each one marked off as completed.  I'm not going to include the entire list but a few examples are :

one you own but have never read
a play
a banned book
a book more than 100 years old
a memoir
a young adult/new adult novel
book with bad reviews
one completely based on its cover
recommended by a friend
a spiritual book
a graphic novel or manga
a genre you've never been interested in before
one you were supposed/forced to read in school
a shifter book or book with nonhuman characters
a nonfiction book

     I like the idea of the challenge as well because it helps to get me outside of my reading comfort zone.  While I am not limited in my preferences I do tend to stick heavily with romances of the paranormal persuasion.  But this is a new year and a new beginning in my reading journey. For further updates and to find out more about me and what I'm reading, check out my blog Julie Bites at www.juliebites.wordpress.com 

(Pictured here is Julie with Frankie, the only cat she's ever meet that enjoys her reading time as much as she does.) 

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